About Braun Oral B Products

If you’re looking to get a higher quality brush, look no further than the Oral B ProfessionalCare series. For prices ranging from the $70s to the low $100s,Sonicare 2 Series toothbrush these toothbrushes give several modes of cleaning and offer long, effective use. If the lower budget models are more to your liking, Oral B offers several toothbrushes in the under-$10 range that can satisfy any stringent test.

Braun Oral B Toothbrushes: Electric

Electric toothbrushes came about in the 20th century and have been a huge hit with users who demand the best in dental care. Some studies have shown that manual toothbrushes can leave behind as much as 50% of plaque on your teeth. This can cause major issues in the long run, so an electric brush can certainly benefit those who are concerned about this. This line of electric toothbrushes is actually based on the tools that dentists use every day to clean teeth, so you know you’re getting a thorough cleaning when you use these. Yes, they are battery-operated, but there’s typically no need to change batteries. This line of Braun Oral B toothbrushes is rechargeable, making it extremely convenient for those who do not want to constantly change batteries. You will need to replace the heads every now and then, but this is always a necessary step with any type of dental utensil. Dental hygiene requires constant change of tools used to clean teeth to keep bacteria levels low.

Another great aspect of this electric toothbrush is the fact that it is pressure sensitive. It will actually stop pulsating if it detects that you’re brushing too hard. This is almost like having a teeth-brushing coach right in the palm of your hand. It’s another great feature that you’ll only find in electric toothbrushes like this line from Braun Oral B.

Braun Oral B Toothbrushes: Manual

When budget plays a role in your shopping choices, the manual lines from Braun Oral B will be the toothbrushes you’ll select. Oral B was one of the first companies to use the marking system to let users know when their toothbrushes were getting past their prime. Braun Oral B toothbrushes included a blue marking along the middle of the bristles, and when this blue line was worn away to half its length or less, it was time to change your brush. This is still a common aspect of many Braun Oral B toothbrushes.